Here's the thing. We have two kinds of brainers.

We have the Oww Brainers and we have the Wow Brainers.

What’s the difference?

Oww Brainers

These people are usually stuck in a rut. They are bored out of their minds. They are constantly in their safety zone. Which means they’re not risk-takers. They don't want to move forward. They don't want to escape or even adventure into the unknown. They're all about the safe. The now. The here. There are many people who go through this kind of lifestyle and it's really hard to overcome it without proper guidance. There are constant workshops on this issue. However, not many admit they are in the position they are in. This allows us to more or less brainwash them into believing they are ready to overcome what seems to be an obstacle in their lives. Shall we brainwash them? Or, shall we guide them?

Wow Brainers

These people thrive for growth. These people are full of confidence. These people are born to experience every adventure that’s in front of them. These people are defined as risk-takers and they accept any challenge that’s in front of them. This means the world is divided. There are some like this. There are some like that. However, it doesn't mean everyone who remains in the safe zone will be stuck and bored. Will not overcome. Will not become a Wow Brainer.

Here are a few tips to transform you from an Oww brainer to a Wow brainer

Let's imagine that you're sitting at your desk. The computer is on. You're still writing the same article over and over and over and over and over, again.

What does that mean?

That means you're stuck!

You're bored!

But you feel safe in that environment because it doesn't challenge you. It doesn't push you to your limits. It doesn't take you out of your comfort zone.

What if you change that?

What if you change that habit and break it?

What if you become the growth, the confidence, and the adventure?

You become the new person.

You become the new me!

On a white piece of paper, write these 3 words. Every day for the next week, try to live these three words. Under these 3 words, you write one task per day.

Do this for a week.

These are the 3 words: Growth. Confidence. Adventure.

Every day is different.

Every day you do an unfamiliar task.

Every day is a new adventure.

By doing the same task every day, it will become a habit. We are trying to break a bad habit. We are trying to amend it and make a better one.

Here's how you can use these words.


Say, you have a business. It's going ok. In reality, you're failing, but you don't tell anyone that. You know it to be true. The words that exist in your brain dictionary should be positive.

Write these instead:

  1. I will gather more likes, probably on Facebook or more followers on Instagram.
  2. I would create an ad that attracts my customer.
  3. I would stop sugar for a day.


This is about image. It has nothing to do with who they say you are. This is about you and your confidence within yourself!

How do you see yourself in front of others? How do you see yourself in a gathering? How do you see yourself at work? How do you see yourself in the gym? How do you see yourself while you’re shopping? How do you see yourself anywhere?

Write these instead:

  1. I will wear the color blue with confidence.
  2. I will wear the color pink with confidence.
  3. I will believe in myself with confidence.
  4. I will trust myself with confidence.


Say, you've never gone out or you're a house person. You may just go to get groceries or do your usual errands. What does this do for you? Adventure gets you out of your comfort zone. Pushes you to your core. This means you can make that big step out into the open. Risk is what you’re taking and making it part of your day.

Write these instead:

  1. Today I will build up the courage to speak to that person I always wanted to talk to.
  2. Today I will go outside and make a friend.
  3. Today I will take a leap of faith and take that trip I’ve been postponing.
  4. Today I will go to Paris.

Take one step, be it growth, confidence or adventure.

You need to decide

What are you fighting for?

Who are you fighting for?

Why are you fighting?

These are some tips to help you be a Wow Brainer:

Don't go to the same café. Go to a new café.

Don't go to the same shopping mall. Go to a new shopping mall.

Don’t go to the same beach. Go to a different beach.